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New season starts September 2021!


  • New season Starting 01 September!!!
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 5 Jul 2021

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    Let's sing together again!

    Dear all,

    Shall we give it a go? I hear a resounding “YES!”… We have waited long enough!

    Of course, it is still impossible to predict the future and a lot will depend on what happens over the summer, but Liesel and I are making plans to begin physical rehearsals again in September.


    At this point, these are the conditions under which we will be able to meet:
     - Indoor singing is allowed with seated 1.5 metre spacing in a zigzag arrangement.
     - Face masks not required.
     - no sharing of food and drink (bring a thermos!)
     - sign a health-check statement before each rehearsal

    Our hope is that most people will be fully vaccinated by then and feel comfortable enough to be able to congregate. Of course we understand that there will also be people who remain cautious. There is no obligation to join at the start of the term, you may rejoin at any point.


    This term will all be about finding our voices again! A big focus on building our skills and feeling confident and having fun with it. We will be revisiting some of our old favourite repertoire and concentrate on a different aspect of choral singing each week.
    We are planning a combined concert for June/July 2022 and something fun at Christmas time.

    The first rehearsal will be held in the first week of September and runs for 14 weeks. We are anticipating some kind of performance on the weekend of 11th/12th December.


    We hope not, but it could easily happen. Payment for any physical rehearsals lost will be deferred to the following term. If for some reason you won’t be returning the following term, you can contact Liesel for a refund for the lost rehearsals.
    The severity of the lockdown would determine whether we hold zoom gatherings for sanity’s sake!


    We look forward to hearing from you and are SO excited to be singing with you again soon!

    Love Tash x
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  • Latest news!
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 3 Jan 2021
    Latest news!
      Due to Corona regulations, we are not singing physically yet!   But we try to stay in touch with Zoom calls.   Join us for a catch-up Zoom call on Saturday the 6th of February at 19h30.  Zoom link to follow soon.
    Everyone is welcome!!!!!! Join us for a catch-up zoom call on Saturday the 6th of February at 19h30.  We will sing through some of our old favorites and we would love your inputs for guest spots.   Contact us if you can offer a workshop in your field of expertise or have a passion to share with all of us.  Think of a slide show sharing your cultural traditions, performances, cooking demos, interesting hobby.  We welcome any ideas!!!!
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